Video Shows 4-Year-Old Kidnapping Survivor’s Emotional Return Home

The heartwarming moment a young girl was reunited with her family after being abducted last weekend was captured in a touching viral video clip.

A four-year-old girl who had been kidnapped was finally returned to her family in Florida after she was found more than 800 miles away in Tennessee.

A moving video of the young girl making her way into her parents’ arms would tug at even the toughest person’s heartstrings.

In the clip, tears of joy and relief streamed down the parents' faces as they watched their daughter stroll up to them with her stuffed bear in tow.

"Thank you for bringing me home," she told reporters and officials who were present when she reunited with her family.

Rebecca Lewis was allegedly taken on Saturday by 31-year-old West Wild Hogs who police have in custody, according to Metro.

The two were found in Memphis after police received a call from a security official at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis who recognized the man and the girl from the Amber Alert.

When officers arrived on the scene, they saw the car described in the alert driving out of the parking garage. They pursued the vehicle and discovered the abductor with the girl inside.

It’s unclear, however, why they were at the hospital in the first place. According to police, neither of them had visible injuries.

Hogs — who changed his name from Matthew Clark Pybus — is reportedly an estranged friend of Lewis's family who hadn’t seen them in more than two years after he was kicked out of their home for pulling a gun on them.

Relatives of the kidnapper claim he had shown signs of depression and bipolar disorder. The car he used in his crime belonged to his mother in Alabama, where he is reportedly from.

Reports have not indicated a motive for Hogs’ crime, but he is now in the custody of the FBI, according to NBC News.

Luckily, Lewis was found quickly before Hogs could transport her any further away.

Her family should definitely be eternally grateful to the quick-thinking hospital security personnel whose phone call led to her rescue.  

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