Pizzeria Manager Assaults Black Customer, Puts Her In Chokehold

A pizza chain manager apparently asked a woman to leave but when she refused to do so, he brutally attacked her.


A disturbing video making rounds on the internet shows a man brutally attacking an African-American woman.

The horrific incident occurred at the premises of Milano Pizza, in Pittsburgh, after the manager, identified as Mahmut Yilmaz, apparently asked the customer, Jade Martin, to leave.

“Listen, you gotta go,” Yilmaz can be heard saying in the video for reasons that are yet to be discovered.

After telling her to leave he pushed her on the ground, but Martin didn’t back down. She got back on her feet, screaming “push me again.” In this duration she even dropped something on the floor, then bent over to pick it up and then walked towards the man filming the altercation.

At this point the chain manager, literally pulled the woman back towards the door, headbutted her and pushed her back in the table as he yelled, “I said please!”

This isn’t where the atrocity ended. Yilmaz repeatedly banged Martin’s head on the flood, while screaming, “I said please.”

In the footage, the kitchen staff can be seen running towards their manager trying to stop him from attacking Martin, “Why you not gonna listen to me?”he shouted. The staff finally got Yilmaz away from the woman and made her leave the premises.

The atrocious behavior of Yilmaz in this horrific quarrel cannot be justified. If he wanted her out of his fast-food chain’s premises, he should have called the police, instead of attacking the woman.

Following Martin’s ordeal, several protesters stood outside the restaurant.


The Coalition for the Safety of Black Women and Girls has called for an investigation.


“This is not just a case about black and white. It’s about right and wrong,” said a protester, Dale Williams.

“He beat that woman’s head off the ground, like literally. Not one time, not two times, but multiple times. The door was right there. If you wanted her outside the establishment, why wouldn’t you drag her out the door? Why drag her further into the store to cause more of a commotion and humiliate her like that?”

According to the police, several hours after the video was recorded, Martin went to the hospital.

Zone 2 police detectives announced they arrested Yilmaz after he surrendered to the police. He faces one count of simple assault and one aggravated assault charge.

Pittsburgh attorney Todd Hollis, who is representing Martin, said his client suffered a concussion and bruising to the forehead and nose area.

Meanwhile, people on social media called out Pizza Milano on their manager’s misconduct.









Thumbnail/Banner Image:  Reuters, Maxim Zmeyev

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