Detroit Cops Brutally Beat Up Mentally Ill, Unarmed Naked Woman

The cop pulled his fist back and started repeatedly punching the woman with full force on her head and back. The other officers then also joined the fray.


In the latest incident of police brutality against people of color, a horrific video shows a Detroit police officer pummeling a black nude black woman, who may have been mentally ill.

Detroit place officers responded to a report of a naked woman in the Third Precinct. When officer reached the place, they deduced the woman may be suffering from a mental health crisis and decided to take her to the hospital.

The woman, who the officers reportedly draped with a robe, remained calm all throughout the journey in the police squad car. She was also not handcuffed, which to most people would seem like a sign of empathy from the cops but according to Chief James Craig, was apparently a “violation of protocol.”

The woman was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital but as soon as she arrived, she suddenly turned agitated. She threw off the robe she was wearing and allegedly started spitting at the hospital staff, bit two security guards and started screaming obscenities.

As an officer tried to restrain her, she reportedly attempted to bite him too. That’s when he started using excessive force.

The man pulled his fist back and started punching the woman with full force on her head and back. The other officers then also joined the fray and beat the woman into submission.

The deeply alarming video was filmed by a woman who was visiting her family member in the hospital.

The woman was later treated for minor injuries and bruises. She is in stable condition and the police chief has not confirmed whether the woman suffered from mental illness.

Chief Craig also seemingly tried to defend the brutal actions of the cop saying the video was taken out of context and did not show the events that led to the assault. However, he did say he was “troubled” the officer showed no sign of stopping after it became clear the woman no longer posed a threat.

He also told a Fox affiliate that more should be done for mental health treatment as people who suffer from them are a danger to law enforcement officers. However, according to statistics, police have a very high rate of killing people with mental conditions.

In the past two years, at least three officers were fatally shot by people with mental illnesses. However, police are 16 times more likely to kill people with such illnesses.

The woman’s boyfriend, Robert Dixon, who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, said the woman was also his caretaker for the past several years.

“She is a good person, it hurts me so bad to see her get beat like that,” said Dixon.

He also reportedly confirmed that the woman started behaving erratically after she took anti-psychotic drug, Haldol.

“I gave her a place to stay and she did good but she started going crazy with the medicine it’s called Haldol,” he added.

Detroit chapter of the NAACP, the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, have condemned the incident, saying the officer must be penalized for his “unacceptable” actions.

“When we looked at the video, we saw an officer with corporal stripes who had total disdain for a citizen who was obviously ill,” wrote Kenneth Reed, a spokesman for the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality. “The hatred was palpable. These are officers who must be held to a higher standard.”

The officer has currently been suspended from his job.

However, one of the remaining bigger concerns is the fact how easily police resort to physical violence on people of color. If the woman had been white, perhaps the cops would not have been so hasty in raising a hand to her.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Isaac McDaniel/via REUTERS

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