Israeli Forces Filmed Dragging Palestinian Kids Into Jeeps

The children were playing when the Israeli officers took them and tried to drag them into their vehicles. Thankfully, locals were able to stop them.

Palestinian boy cries.

Footage of Israeli troops dragging and forcing young Palestinian children into their vehicles is concerning Israeli human rights organizations, yet you won’t hear about this incident from many major news outlets.

Jamal Abu S’ifan, a volunteer from the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, shot the video while in a West Bank refugee camp on Tuesday.

In the clip, Israeli troops can be seen dragging the children — ages 7 and 8 — by their clothes. Locals are then seen intervening, ultimately freeing the children.

B’Tselem said the children were abruptly taken by Israelis while playing near their home in Aida Refugee Camp, which is located in the occupied city of Bethlehem in the West Bank.

While the boys were simply playing, there were protests taking place in that area, making us wonder whether the officers were just trying to arrest any Palestinian in the region, even if they were kids.

This is the second video released by B’Tselem depicting Israeli soldiers being gratuitously aggressive toward Palestinian children.

In the previous video, Israeli soldiers take turns punching, kicking, slapping, and manhandling a Palestinian minor who was handcuffed, incapable of defending himself. The incident took place in Hebron, also in the West Bank.

After President Donald Trump publicly stated his decision to move the United States embassy to Jerusalem, declaring that the disputed city is, in fact, Israel’s capital, the Arab world has come together to protest the move.

And, in the occupied territories, emotions are running high as Palestinians have been systematically forced out of Jerusalem over the decades and now feel they have been completely left out of the conversation as the U.S. gives Israel the green light to continue with its policy of driving Palestinians away from their own land.

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