Israeli Forces Beat Palestinian Woman For Protesting House Demolition

A video shows two Israeli soldiers kicking and slapping a Palestinian woman for simply protesting the destruction of her home in the West Bank.

A video of a Palestinian woman protesting Israeli occupation in the West Bank shows how she was unnecessarily and forcefully detained by soldiers.

Two Israeli Defense Forces soldiers grabbed the woman and dragged her up a small inclined hill. They kicked her, slapped her, and eventually pulled off her hijab before arresting her. Other soldiers grabbed individuals who tried to come to her defense as she was being grabbed, and got kicked and thrown to the ground themselves.

The woman was protesting the destruction of her home and others’ homes in the Palestinian village of Khan Al-Ahmar, just east of Jerusalem in the West Bank. Lawmakers from around the world condemned the destruction of these homes, including the European Union, which in an official statement said the destruction of these homes “exacerbate threats to the viability of the two-state solution and further undermine prospects for a lasting peace.”

The Israel Defense Forces’ actions toward Palestinians in this video exemplifies the brutal lengths that the government’s leaders are willing to go in order to grow its territory and kick out Muslims.

A more just solution must be found, and leaders on both sides must come to an agreement that won’t result in situations like these, which demonstrate some Israeli lawmakers’ apparent preferences for an apartheid state.


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