Video Shows Moment Car Rams Into Ferguson Protester

On the second anniversary of Mike Brown’s death, gunshots erupted among a crowd of demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri after a protester was struck by a car.


Chaos ensued during a Ferguson, Missouri protest marking the two year anniversary of the shooting death of Michael Brown.

As protesters held their demonstration, one of them was struck by a car. "A lady came down and hit a protester —knocked the shoes off his feet,” Sharon Cowan, who was at the scene, reportedly told AP. “Hit him, and he rolled and he bounced,” she added.

According to The Huffington Post, less than a minute after the protester was hit, random gunshots rang out. People began screaming and running, but no one was shot and no arrests were made.

Although no one was struck by bullets, reports indicate that two people were taken to the hospital. Photos and video footage from the terrifying moments quickly began making their rounds through social media.

WARNING: Video contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers.

The man who was hit by the car was taken away from the scene in a private vehicle, thus his condition is currently unknown. However, the driver was reportedly “very, very cooperative” with police.

“By all accounts, her version of what happened seems to fit the version of what happened to a person driving down a busy West Florissant Avenue and not seeing a person standing there,” said Ferguson spokesman Jeff Small.

The collision may have been accidental, but it does raise suspicions as a few people — including a Minnesota cop —have made headlines for making crass jokes on the internet advising others to run protesters over who block the streets.

Ironically, the city of Ferguson also erupted in mayhem back in 2014 directly following the death of Brown, an unarmed black teen who was killed by police, and the incidents that occurred Tuesday night are reminiscent of those trying times.

It’s perplexing to think of all the times that people fighting for peace became targets of violence and havoc. This was the case in Dallas, Texas when about a dozen cops were shot as well as in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when officers arrested Black Lives Matter leader DeRay McKesson during a demonstration on behalf of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. 

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