Video Shows Teacher Dragging Special Needs Student By Her Hair

A Mississippi teacher is facing backlash after video clips surfaced showing her physically abusing one of her special needs students during a P.E. class.

Physical altercations between campus authorities and students seem to be occurring more frequently lately.

Following last year’s infamous assault at Spring Valley Highin South Carolina — in which the “Incredible Hulk” cop slammed a teenage girl to the ground — we’ve seen footage of fist fights between students and teachers, teachers verbally abusing students, and elementary school children being handcuffed, among other inappropriate exchanges between youth and educators.

Added to the list is disturbing new footage of a special needs student being dragged on the ground by her teacher.

A viral video clip shows a teacher pinning a young girl to the ground during a P.E. class at Greenville High School in Greenville, Mississippi.

When the teen got up to reach for the gym door, the teacher can be seen grabbing the student’s ponytail and dragging her away from it.

In another clip, the teacher is also seen snatching a thermos away from the same student and hitting her over the head with it.

The Greenville Public School District identified the so-called educator as Linda Winters-Johnson and confirmed that she has been terminated following the release of the shocking footage, The Washington Post reports.

The Office of Educator Misconduct in the Mississippi Department of Education is set to decide next month if Winters-Johnson will keep her special-education teaching license after being accused of “physically grabbing, hitting in the head and dragging of a special needs student.”

Needless to say, based on the video footage, she should absolutely not be permitted to keep her license and she should face some additional legal action.

Sticking to protocol, an official investigation of the incident is underway, during which the Greenville Superintendent, Leeson Taylor, has been placed on paid administrative leave.

“The board asks for the public’s patience as the investigation is conducted,” the school board’s president, Loretta Shannon, reportedly said. “We want to ensure that we have a complete picture and an unbiased assessment of what occurred before we take action. But the board is taking this matter very seriously.”

The videos of the incident were originally shared on Facebook earlier this month and quickly went viral, with one of the clips reaching more than 6 million views.

Unsurprisingly, the footage sparked outrage with many calling for criminal charges against the teacher as well as her termination.

According to The Washington Post, several commenters questioned why no one intervened while the abuse was taking place.

The prevalence of using social media and smartphone cameras to document life in real-time is a gift and a curse.

While the videos are helpful as evidence of the abuse and social media assisted in getting the community involved, it would have been just as advantageous for the girl’s classmates to stop recording and find an administrator or another teacher to step in while the altercation was happening.

This teacher’s behavior is truly disturbing and inexcusable. No person, special needs or otherwise, should be subjected to that type of torment.

Winters-Johnson was entrusted by the school and her students’ parents to educate and care for her students, but instead she abused and humiliated them. She should never see the inside of a school again. 

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