Group Of Teens Casually Shout 'F*** N***ers' Into Camera

Five Utah high school teens have found themselves in big trouble after posting an Instagram video in which they appear to be laughing while shouting racial slurs.

Five teenage Caucasian girls are being investigated by high school officials after a social media video of them using racial slurs sparked outrage across the internet. 

The clip was initially posted on Instagram and shows the girls riding in a car shouting, “f*** n***ers” into the camera while smiling and giggling.

WARNING: Video contains graphic language that may not be suitable for some viewers. 

According to Raw Story, an investigation is underway with the Weber School District in order to find out who recorded the footage and whether it was filmed on school property.

At least three of the girls are reportedly cheerleaders at Weber High School in Utah. However, their individual identities have not been confirmed.

The video has been widely shared on various social media platforms, and as you might have guessed, public outrage is brewing.

According to Deseret News, it has been suggested that the teens may actually be saying a random phrase that simply sounds like “f*** n***ers” because it’s played backward. Nevertheless, it’s very evident that the girls were aware of what they appeared to be saying in the video while they were recording and when they decided to post it.

Racially-charged slurs and insults are not funny; they never have been and never will be. These girls don't deserve a pass just because they're kids. They may be young, but they're old enough to know that their behaviors are beyond offensive and inappropriate. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Bob Donnan

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