Videos Show Buddhist Temples Turn To Rubble During Myanmar Quake

The massive earthquake that struck Myanmar on Wednesday evening claimed at least three lives and damaged nearly 100 ancient Buddhist monuments.

buddhist pagodas,earthquake in Myanmar

A very powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake rocked the north-central region of Myanmar on Wednesday evening.

The natural disaster claimed at least three lives, including two children, and damaged ancient Buddhist pagodas in and around Bagan, according to Reuters.

"We felt quite heavy shaking for about 10 seconds and started to evacuate the building when there was another strong tremor," said Vincent Panzani of the Save the Children charity.

Tremors from the quake were reportedly felt as far away as Bangladesh, eastern India, and Thailand — where some claim to have witnessed high rise buildings swaying in Bangkok.

Myanmar was struck particularly hard as it is located in a seismically active area where the Indo-Australian Plate runs against the Eurasian Plate, Reuters reports.

According to Myanmar Red Cross officials, two young girls died when a pagoda collapsed on a river bank and one man died in a tobacco factory when the roof caved in on him.

Photos and videos posted on social media show the centuries-old temples crumbling to the ground as the earth shook.

It’s a remarkable, yet terrifying sight to watch the ancient monuments disappear behind clouds of dust.

At least 66 Buddhist monuments were damaged, including the Sulamani Temple and the Myauk Guni Buddhist temple, according to Mashable.

Luckily, damage elsewhere was relatively light and more lives were not threatened by the massive quake.

Banner Photo Credit: Video Screengrab, Facebook user Htay Htay

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