Racist Neighbors Yell ‘Get Out Of My Country’ At Vietnamese Navy Vet

A Vietnamese Navy veteran, who was trying to help his neighbors, is told to “get out of my country” and that he “has no right to be here.”


A retired Vietnamese Navy veteran wanted to help his neighbors, but instead of getting an acknowledgement for his good gesture, the neighbors decided to insult him with racial slurs.

Wally Huynh has served in the Navy for 24-years as an electronics technicians chief. But after working for the betterment of America for over two decades, he had to encounter this bitter episode of racism. 

A woman living next door told him “get out of my country” and that “you don’t belong here” when Wally asked her if she needed any assistance with the sprinkler system.

Wally’s wife, Mimi Huynh, who was also a U.S. Navy Veteran and served on the USS Kitty Hawk, was naturally upset with the discrimination that her husband was made to go through. She uploaded his ordeal on social media, “My husband just tried to help a neighbor with hedge trimming. She yelled at him to get out of her country, he has no right to be here,” she wrote.

Naturally, there was an outpouring support for the couple after Huynh tweeted about how her husband was treated. People asked her to reveal the neighbor’s name, but she didn’t, explaining that she wanted to focus on the “positivity and everyone’s love & support.” 

Huynh then tweeted she made some Vietnamese egg rolls for dinner, and that she would take them over at her neighbors to talk with the woman and sort out things. The Vietnamese vet’s wife said she didn’t believe in defeating hate with hate.


However, later Huynh updated everyone saying the neighbor didn’t pick her phone up. But she wasn’t going to quit and go to her place some other day. Meanwhile, she enjoyed the egg rolls with all the other neighbors who came up to them to offer support.

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