Vietnamese Woman Cuts Off Limbs To Claim $157,000 Insurance

The woman, who thought false insurance claims could be a good way of dealing with a financial crisis, now faces a greater loss than before.

A Vietnamese woman partially identified as Ly Thi N could be charged with conspiracy to steal assets after demanding $157,000 from her insurance company.

The 30-year-old woman paid her friend $2,000 to cut off her hand and foot, all so that she could claim an insurance payout. She then pretended to have been struck by a train while walking along the tracks, claiming that’s how she lost her limbs. However, that was absolutely not the case.

A man Doan Van D, who pretended to be a stranger to Ly Thi, called an ambulance claiming he had found an injured woman by a railway crossing. The woman was taken away to the hospital with a third of her left foot and a third of her left hand severed, and unfortunately doctors were unable to reattach the limbs.

A detective looking into the case and her personal affairs got suspicious of Ly Thi’s claims. Apparently, her business was going through a rough patch and she was in desperate need of cash. After the police probed into the case, Ly Thi finally confessed that she had paid Doan Van to severe her limbs so that she could claim the cash from insurance.

According to the Tuoi Tre newspaper, police are not undertaking a criminal investigation, saying that Ly Thi’s disability is punishment enough for her fraudulent act.

However, she has attracted the ire of many people who questioned how low one must stoop to do something like she did.

She has now lost $2,000, a hand and a foot, and didn’t even get any of her insurance claims.

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