Angry Venezuelans Chase Away Their President With Pots And Pans

Frustrated residents of Villa Rosa, Margarita, clashed with President Nicolas Maduro on the street and chased him away banging pots and pans.

President Maduro

Tensions are high in Venezuela where frustrated citizens are out on the streets, demanding President Nicolas Maduro's resignation.

In one of the anti-government demonstrations held in the town of Villa Rosa, on the Venezuelan island of Margarita, residents clashed with Maduro and chased him away banging pots and pans.





The protests come amid the country’s worsening economic crisis. For months, Venezuelans have been standing in long queues for the most basic necessities such as flour and rice. Food shortages are so severe that people started ransacking supermarkets.

At one point, thousands even poured into neighboring Colombia after a temporary opening of the border was announced to buy food and medicine. Venezuela closed the country's border to prevent a mass exodus, cutting off even that option from its desperate citizenry. 

Venezuela's political opposition blames the crisis on President Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez’s ineffective socialist economic policies.

Now, protests are being held in different cities of Venezuela with people demanding a referendum to remove Maduro from power.

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