A 7-Year-Old Boy Who Donated Hair To Cancer Patients Now Has Cancer

Vinny Desautels spent two years growing out his hair so he could help children with cancer, but now he has a battle of his own to fight.

In a cruel twist of fate, a young boy who donated his hair to help cancer patients is now struggling with an aggressive form of the disease himself.

For two years, Vinny Desautels was mistaken for a girl and relentlessly teased by the kids at school, but the young California boy did not let any of it dampen his spirits. Earlier this year, he gave away his 13-inch ponytail to charity.

“I want to help people so they don't have to go to the doctors to fight cancer,” the 7-year-old said back then. “And then everyone got excited when mom cut the ponytails off. I was happy.” 

Now, just months after selflessly helping those battling the dreadful disease, Vinny and his family found out that he has stage 4 cancer. He has a significant growth on his hip, inside the bone around his eye and on his right cheek, according to KFOR.

The parents initially mistook the puffiness around his eye as allergies, but discovered the problem might run deeper when they found a lump on his right hip. The doctors in the emergency room identified a growth on his pelvic bone along with a malignant growth on his eye and linked them to the same cause.

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“We know it’s cancer, stage 4, because it spread in two different locations and its aggressive,” explained his father Jason Desautels. “Now we're trying to figure out what we're dealing with so we can come up with a plan.”

The family has also set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the boy’s treatment.

Meanwhile, Vinny remains optimistic and lively while trying to make sense of his diagnosis.

“Well, the veins from my hip are traveling to another place right behind my eye and it's making it squinty,” he told the local media.

The doctors haven't yet identified the type of cancer Vinny is struggling against.

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