Blood Is Spilled At Donald Trump Rally In California

Violence erupted once again at Trump’s rally, as the crowd got into physical fights and vandalized a police vehicle.


Thousands of people burst into protest and blocked an intersection, snarling traffic as Donald Trump brought his campaign to southern California.

The GOP front-runner opened up his California rally with one of his most incendiary rhetoric: his stance on illegal immigration and torture while slamming his opponents at the same time.


The rally at Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, started out relatively peaceful but later more than 8,000 people erupted in applause as Trump, yet again, swore to make Mexico pay for the border wall with the United States to keep out illegal immigrants.


“We’re going to stop drugs from coming in,” Trump told them. “The drugs are poisoning our youth and a lot of other people.”

Predictably, hundreds of protesters outside the tightly packed Pacific Amphitheater soon started growing unruly and heated altercations were exchanged between Trump opponents and supporters, many of whom were chanting “Build that wall! Build that wall!”



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The police had to place themselves between the two feuding groups, as demonstrators waved the American and Mexican flags and hurled rocks at each other.


The fight got out of hand when a group of people swarmed a police squad car and at least one man managed to jump on its roof, smashing the vehicle’s back window in the process.


A Trump supporter, who tried to get back his stolen hat, which featured a pro-Trump slogan, got in a fist fight, resulting in a bloody face.


Trump’s rallies are known to be disorderly, but this appears to be the first time where blood was spilt and there has been actual property damage.


Approximately 20 people were arrested and, fortunately, none of the injuries were life-threatening. The crowd was dispersed by 11 p.m. Pacific time.


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Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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