Protesters Confront Police At Trump Rally In Anaheim

As Trump forges ahead with his presidential campaign — which mainly involves inflammatory rhetoric against minorities — things around him are getting worse.

Numerous Donald Trump campaign events have ended up in chaos as supporters and opponents lose their cool with each other.

None of this is surprising considering the fact the presidential candidate himself makes obnoxious statements and manipulates his own words so often. He has also expressed his hatred pretty much toward every group of minorities including Muslims, Mexicans and African Americans.

At a Donald Trump rally in Anaheim, California, on May 25, protesters held up signs saying “F*** Trump”, while others wearing masks called out the presidential candidate for his bigotry, hatred and manipulative personality.

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One man with a loudspeaker was seen pacing right in front of a police line yelling anti-gay messages. However, he was soon shot down by a crowd chanting against Trump.

Some people from the large crowds hurled objects and rocks at the police and mocked them, as the officers tried to control the protesters. Mounted policemen soon intervened to take charge of the situation and arrested 11 people.

This is the second time something like this has happened over the past few days. Just a day before the Anaheim clash, protesters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, got violent with the police and were soon dispersed with smoke grenades.

Trump, however, continues to play the blame game and ridicule others instead of taking any responsibility for the violence. Following the protest he tweeted:


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