Violent Attackers Force Teen To ‘Apologize’ For Being Gay

London authorities are on the hunt for two violent and aggressive men who attacked and threatened a 19-year-old on a commuter train back in October.

The search is on in London for two men who were seen strangling a young man on a train and forcing him to apologize for being gay.

The two culprits targeted the 19-year-old on a train traveling between West Ham and North Greenwich back in October.

British Transport Police (BTP) just released images of the two men to the public on Monday, noting that they are said to become more aggressive when they're challenged, Metro reports.

In addition to strangling, their abuse included using homophobic slurs and putting the victim into a headlock. They eventually let him go, but a fight ensued between the offenders and the victim’s friends, who were accompanying him on the train.

After the scuffle — which left one 25-year-old woman bruised and knocked to the ground — one of them was able to snap pictures of the two aggressors.  

BTP is reportedly viewing this incident as a hate crime.

“Hate crime will not be tolerated by British Transport Police. We believe that everyone has the right to travel safety. We won’t tolerate behavior where someone is targeted because they are perceived to be different, or made to feel uncomfortable on their journey,” the authorities said. 

Although this ordeal occurred on an entirely different continent, this is undoubtedly a reflection of the President Donald Trump effect and the rise of this new wave of fascism. 

Homophobia, Islamophobia, sexism, and racism are running rampant throughout the United States and abroad, and it certainly doesn't help when one of the most powerful leaders of the Western world condones and exhibits these same behaviors. 

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