Violent Fights Erupt As Shoppers Descend On Malls Across The Country

Shopping during the holidays got the best of two people at New Jersey mall when they began throwing punches at one another, leading to a massive brawl.

The holiday season comes with lots of joy and shopping sprees. However, these shopping sprees can certainly get the best of people.

Something just like that happened recently when two shoppers at Jersey City’s Newport Center Mall started punching each other in the middle of a huge crowd. This led to a separate fight, which broke out off the side. Several security guards were punched in the process as they tried to resolve the matter

This is what the brawl looked like:

A woman who only identified herself as Larissa, told the New Jersey Journal she was shopping with her mom when she heard the fight break out.

”I saw a bunch of flying fists and security guards getting punched and anyone in the way getting punched,” she said.

In another similar incident that took place at The Mills in New Jersey Gardens thousands of people were seen fleeing after a fight was terminated in a loud bang.

Panicking customers tried to escape through packed corridors. Heavily armed police in body armor arrived at the scene to sweep the area of suspects, Pix11 reported.

Apparently, the sound of a chair thrown in a brawl was misidentified as a gunshot. Shoppers either ran or hid in stores, while security guards raided the mall. A total of eight people were injured in the fight and stampede, but no one was arrested.

The instances of mishaps at the malls didn’t end here. Several other fights broke out between customers in Aurora, Illinois. The Fox Valley Mall was evacuated when a number of fights broke out between customers and security guards were seen struggling to separate dozens of people. The chaos came to an end when seven juveniles were arrested from the scene.

“I’m still shaken up. I’ve never seen that many people inside brawling like that,” mall worker Alexis Malone told ABC 7 Chicago.

 In Beechwood, Ohio, a juvenile was arrested for hitting a police officer after police used pepper spray to break up a fight. The fight started at 6:30 p.m. near a food court. Crowds were seen falling over themselves in a stampede toward the exits at the Beechwood Place Mall, which further went into lockdown as police investigated. Initially some gunshots were reported. However authorities later confirmed that there were no gunshots.

A man and a police officer received medical treatment; no one else was injured, said officials.

John Boyd, the 19-year-old who was hit with pepper spray, described the incident to Cleveland.

“My face burned … it went into my skin,” Boyd said. “My whole body burned.”

Although Christmas is a time for festivities and happiness, unfortunately some bargain-hungry shoppers turned the holiday season into bizarre fights this time around.

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