Heartbreaking Moment Palestinian Hugs Son Before IDF Detains Her

Lama Khater, 42, gave her son one last hug goodbye before she was detained by Israeli Defense Forces on Tuesday morning. Pictures of their embrace went viral.

A flood of outrage poured out across the internet this past week after photos of a Palestinian journalist being separated from her child went viral.

Lama Khater, a 42-year-old Palestinian activist and journalist, was one of 14 individuals arrested on Tuesday morning. Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) detained Khater at 2 a.m. as her daughter took pictures of her embracing her 3-year-old son, Yehya, not knowing when (or if) she’d see him again.

A frequent critic of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, Khater was arrested under dubious charges.

“Last night, a Palestinian suspected of being involved in Hamas terror activity was apprehended in Hebron,” an IDF spokesperson said, referring to Khater. “The suspect was transferred to security forces for further questioning.”

It’s not yet known what has happened to Khater, or what will happen in the days ahead. But the photos of her last embrace with her son have since gone viral, sparking outrage from those who have seen what has happened.

Media reports of governments separating families have largely focused on the administration of President Donald Trump’s wrongdoings, but Israel has, for quite some time, engaged in the similar practice of caging Palestinian children and separating them from their parents. This latest episode demonstrates the lengths that Israeli government leaders will go to in order to silence opposition.

These abuses cannot be allowed to persist, and if Israel doesn’t step back, the international community must do all that it can to condemn and curb these types of actions.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

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