Woman Goes On Racist Rampage In Target, Hurls Merchandise At Customers

Ironically, after berating people in the store and throwing items at other customers, the woman began shouting for help when a security guard tackled her.

Close-up of the front entrance to a Target store

Video footage has surfaced of an irate woman hurling racial slurs at Target employees and customers.

“You f***ing sand ni***r! F***ing pieces of sh*t, f**k all of you … All of you are sh*t,” she can be heard shouting in the now viral video.

A customer appeared to begin heckling her, and she proceeded to throw merchandise at him and others walking by. A security guard finally intervened by tackling the woman to the ground, and a scuffle between the two ensued.

The security guard struggled trying to get handcuffs on the woman as she squirmed and resisted while yelling for help and promising to “leave if you let go.”

The video was initially shared by a social media user with the Twitter handle @dechavien, according to Raw Story. It has since been retweeted by nearly 50,000 people at the time of writing.

The location of the Target has not been reported. It is also unclear what triggered the woman’s racist tirade, but in the video, she is not wearing any footwear. So, it is quite possible that she was asked to leave the store if this particular Target follows “no shoes, no shirt, no service” policies, and this tirade may have been her reaction. 

In any event, this woman's outburst should be shocking, but sadly, this type of behavior is the new normal in Trump's America

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Kelly Martin

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