Train Worker Targets Olympian, Black Passenger Over First Class Seats

“He [the waiter] then asks if I have a first class ticket, I said ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘Can I see it?’ I said, ‘Yes but don't you believe me?’ I show him, he accepts it and carries on serving!”



An Olympic gymnast became a victim of racism when a waiter asked him and another black passenger to show their tickets.

Four-time Olympic medalist Louis Smith, 29, was travelling First Class on Virgin Trains when a waiter, who was serving drinks, demanded he wanted to see his and another black passenger’s tickets.

Smith took to Twitter and immediately shared the racist incident.

“This train journey certainly got a lot more interesting and political. When he gets to me he asks if I want any [drinks]. I decline. He then asks if I have a first class ticket, I said yes. He said can I see it. I said yes but don't you believe me? I show him, he accepts it and carries on serving!” he wrote in a series of tweets.

He added when asked by the other passenger why were only they being targeted, the waiter replied that “it’s my choice who I ask.”

The other passenger didn’t back off there and he went ahead and complained about the incident to the train manager.



The manager admitted the mistake and apologized for the entire incident. He also told the Olympian that waiters are not allowed to check tickets.

“Hi Louis. Please accept my sincerest apologies for this. I have spoken to the train manager on this service at length about what has happened here and there will be a complaint logged and investigated,” the Virgin Trains East Coast’s Twitter account replied to Louis’ tweets.

Racism has gripped Britain and has become more acceptable.

In a similar incident, a popular restaurant in London was called “disgraceful” after a black customer was subjected to racism while dining with a bunch of white friends.

The woman, who was dining with a bunch of white friends, was outraged when she received a bill with “no ice n*****” printed on it. The group of friends reported the incident to the staff on the spot, but got “we don’t know how it got there” as a reply.

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