Pro-Trump GOPer Likens Confederate Monument’s Removal To ISIS’ Victory

The Republican candidate made comments about ISIS’ victory the morning after city workers removed New Orleans’ Battle of Liberty Place monument.

A Republican candidate aiming to become his party’s gubernatorial nominee in Virginia lashed out and lost his cool after discovering the New Orleans' Battle of Liberty Place monument had been removed.

Corey Stewart, a former chairman of President Donald Trump’s Virginia campaign, went as far as claiming victory for ISIS because of the monument’s removal.

According to the Times-Picayunen, the Liberty Monument marks a battle that occurred several years after the Civil War’s end where white paramilitaries battled a mixed-race police force, causing deaths on both sides. A plaque removed from the monument in 1989 once hailed “white supremacy in the South.”

In 2015, the New Orleans City Council voted 6-1 to remove four of the city's Confederate monuments. 

Many people viewed the monuments as a symbol of racism and white supremacy. They find the artifacts offensive as they honor the region's slave-owning past.

Perhaps there are better ways of remembering the Civil War than preserving monuments that are the literal definition of white supremacy in a city whose population majority is people of color.

If anything, it is insensitive.

Workers arrived at the location around 1:25 a.m. to remove the Liberty Monument. They started early under police protection, wearing jackets and helmets to avoid disruptions from supporters who wanted the monuments to stay. Some supporters even made death threats, according to the officials.

As for Stewart, he made a baseless comparison, stating the people who removed the confederate memorial belong to the terrorist group ISIS.


Stewart has a history of making inflammatory comments. He is running his campaign for governor by appealing to angry conservatives who still believe in treason against the union. 

In February, the Trump lover drew ire of the public after calling former RNC Chair Ed Gillespie a “c***servative,” which is a favorite insult of white nationalists. The white supremacist also criticized some Republicans, calling them “nervous Nellies” after they apparently abandoned him for defending the Confederacy.

Stewart was fired by the Trump campaign last year, after he organized a pro-Trump demonstration outside the RNC slamming the then-chief Reince Priebus and House Majority Leader Paul Ryan.

People on social media had different reactions for the monument’s removal.






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