Virginia Man Pays $3,000 Tax Bill With 300,000 Pennies

A U.S. businessman in dispute with the Department of Motor Vehicles paid his $3,000 tax bill using five wheelbarrows containing 300,000 coins.

A man from Lebanon, Virginia, became a hero to many after paying his $2,987.14 tax bill on two cars in the form of nearly 300,000 pennies.

Nick Stafford wanted to make a point.

The Cedar Bluff resident reportedly has been fighting with the Department of Motor Vehicles since September. He wanted to register three vehicles and pay sales tax. However, he was denied direct phone numbers to the agency’s offices in his area.

Subsequently, Stafford filed a Freedom of Information Act request for a direct number, after which he was finally given a number he could contact. But even that didn’t work out.

“Being self-employed, I hardly have time to sleep much less make a trip to my local DMV just to ask a 30-second question,” Stafford wrote on his Facebook page.

“After MANY repeat phone calls to that same unlisted number (the number that I wasn't 'allowed' to call) I finally got my question answered,” he added. “I will continue to call the Lebanon DMV office directly ANY TME that I have a quick question (they are required to help you by the way, IF, the question can be answered via telephone.)”

To execute his plan, Stafford hired 11 people to break open the paper rolls of the coins, a process that took nearly four hours. He reportedly paid each person $10 per hour.

For the delivery of the coins, he bought $400 worth of five wheelbarrows that he used to carry the coins to a local DMV office.

The staff, according to Stafford was “very respectful and accommodating considering the situation.” It took at least seven hours to count the coins, with many employees forced to work late that night.

Stafford also spent another $1,005 filing three lawsuits, demanding more DMV numbers. When he was provided other numbers, a judge dismissed the suits.

As Stafford’s unusual tale of getting back at state government made headlines, many took to Twitter voicing praise and encouragement:





Banner and thumbnail credit: Creative Commons, Roman Oleinik

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