White Man Shoots Himself With Stolen Gun — Blames Black Men For it

After the initial investigation, the detectives concluded Eric Hunter Jones may have shot himself — and with a stolen gun.


A white man shot himself in the leg — and then blamed the incident on two imaginary black men.

Spotsylvania County sheriff’s deputies received a call at 11:40 p.m. on Saturday about a man suffering from a gunshot wound. When they arrived at Econo Lodge, they found 23-year-old Eric Hunter Jones, bleeding from a wound on his lower leg. When asked what happened, Jones said two unknown black men came to him and shot him.

The law enforcement officials took him to a hospital to be treated. They then went back to the motel and started interviewing potential witnesses in hopes of finding the alleged shooters. However, after the initial investigation, the detectives concluded Jones may have shot himself.

After procuring a search warrant, the detectives searched Jones’ room where they found the gun. A background check of the firearm revealed it was reported stolen.

As soon as Jones was out of the hospital, he was taken into police custody and charged with his own shooting. He was also charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and felony receiving stolen property, according to Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office. He was booked into the Rappahannock Regional Jail.

His bail amount is not yet known. The police have not confirmed what his motivation for firing the gun was or whether he accidentally or purposely shot himself. However, this man needs to be in prison for a long time. Not only is he not qualified enough to use a firearm, he blamed his botched attempt on people of an already marginalized community, people who are increasingly ending up dead after interaction with the police.


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