Mom Says Son, Who Scribbled ‘White Power’ Messages, Isn’t Racist

Police arrested Taylor Ferrell for allegedly vandalizing park with “white power” graffiti, but his mom insists he is not racist.

Virginia resident Taylor Ferrell was arrested for allegedly damaging and spray-painting “white power” graffiti at a Little League complex located in Henrico — but that doesn't mean he's racist, his mom claims.

After police discovered offensive and vulgar messages painted outside several buildings in black paint, Ferrell was taken into custody. The words “white power” were used to insult those who follow the Black Lives Matter movement..

Virginia Mom

Smashed urinals were painted with a misspelled message, “oopps,” above the broken pieces. Along with messages insulting the Black Lives Matter movement and immigrants, "white power" was painted on walls.

The 18-year-old was charged with three counts of intentionally damaging a property. Police said Ferrell admitted to damaging the Tuckahoe Little League complex, but he claims he didn’t paint the racist messages or swastikas.

Ferrell's mother, Sarah Maxey, said that her son was accompanied by two people that night. One of the boys bought paint from Walmart and then supplied Ferrell with alcohol before going to the complex.

"He did admit to breaking the sink and drawing pictures of genitalia," explained Maxey. "But, he did not write the racist words or none of that. His girlfriend is actually black so he’s far from being racist."

After her statement, people took to social media, to let the word out that dating a black woman doesn’t mean someone can't be racist — or allegedly commit race-based crimes.

“Having a partner does not excuse you from racism, and you thinking it does only affirms the fact that you are indeed racist,” said one user on Twitter.

“This is simply a redux of 'some of my best friends are black.' It does(n't) negate racist actions and beliefs,” wrote another one.

Maxey further clarified that her son had a troubled childhood, but he wasn’t a mean person.

"I expect my son to suffer the consequences of his own actions," she said.

The destruction of the complex, including smashed urinals, toilets and broken mirrors, amounted to $6,000 in damages, said the park supervisor.

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