GOPer On Medicaid Expansion: ‘When Your Time’s Up, You’re Gonna Die’

“When your time’s up, you’re gonna die,” said Sen. Bill Carrico in opposition to the Medicaid expansion in Virginia.

Ever since the Supreme Court left the decision to opt out of or expand the Medicaid program up to states, the health care of millions of Americans with limited income and resources have become a political football.

Virginia happened to be one of 18 states that refused to expand the federal health care program with its senators repeatedly repealing efforts to allocate the state’s budget to the welfare program.

However, that finally changed just recently.

After a grueling debate that lasted for six hours, the decisive vote emerged in the Senate when the highly divided chamber voted 23-17 to adopt a two-year budget that includes Medicaid expansion. It is important to note 19 Democrats and four Republicans joined to pass the bill in Virginia General Assembly.


Many lawmakers, including Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, took to Twitter to applaud the Medicaid expansion in Virginia despite the Senate Republican leadership's relentless efforts to resist it.





Clearly, most Republicans were not pleased by the move that will make more people eligible to federally-funded healthcare.

“In the 17 years I’ve been here this is the one budget that scares me to death,” said Sen. Bill Carrico.

He reportedly believes its human nature for people to die so why do anything to stop that.

“When your time’s up, you’re gonna die,” he said, according to Graham Moomaw, a political reporter with the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The Republican’s heartless remarks didn’t go amiss and people on Twitter called him out on his apparent lack of sensitivity for people who are possibly dying without Medicaid expansion.





Moreover, even in the past, Carrico made little efforts to hide his discontent with the program that could save hundreds and thousands of Virginians from preventable deaths.

Upon protests from Democrats against the delaying of the expansion, Carrico said he “would not listen to a lecture, since Democrats support abortion-rights.”

Nevertheless, the bill was passed and the state is now seeking relaxation from the federal government’s draconian work requirements for the Medicaid recipients so that it could reportedly allow around 400,000 underprivileged Virginians to be covered at the beginning of next year.

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