WATCH: Zoo Visitors Laugh And Throw Rocks At Tiger To Make It Move

“We hit the tiger, but it's still not moving. It looks like it didn’t feel anything!” said one of the three visitors hurling rocks at the animal.

Yet another disturbing animal abuse video has come to light, as three unruly visitors were filmed in China, throwing rocks at a tiger in its enclosure to reportedly make the animal move.

The horrifying incident took place at the Beijing Wildlife Park where the woman filming can be heard encouraging others to throw bigger rocks to make the cat “move.”

The footage soon went viral on Chinese social media website Weibo after another visitor posted it online.

The video started off showing a man in a blue shirt picking up a rock while another man beside him threw a stone at the enclosure, hoping to hit the animal sitting on a branch.

“Did we manage to hit it?” one of the men in the video asked.

“We hit the tiger, but it's still not moving,” the other replied. “It looks like it didn’t feel anything!”

“Throw some bigger rocks,” said a woman who was filming.

The witness to the incident was appalled by the trio’s callous behavior as he noticed them laughing and talking loudly around the enclosure.

“I am speechless,” he wrote in his Weibo post. “Such horrible behavior demonstrated by visitors at the Beijing Wildlife Park today. They kept picking up rocks on the ground and attacking the tiger.”

Fortunately, a worker at the park reportedly spotted the group’s brutal actions and stopped them from further injuring the animal.

Predictably, people were enraged by the needless violence displayed by the visitors and condemned their act.

"Who should really be kept in an enclosure?" asked one online user.

"These people should be on the zoo's blacklist. Don't let them near any animals!” commented another.

However, it is not for the first time an incident of mistreatment of animals by visitors in Chinese zoos came to light. In fact, China has often come under fire for treatment of animals living in captivity.

For instance, not long ago, a 12-year-old female kangaroo was killed by rock-throwing visitors at a Chinese zoo.

Just last month, another video went viral in China when children chased a peacock at a zoo, ripped out some of its tail feathers–and all this time their parents simply watched from the distance.

Banner image credits: Pixabay

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