Crass Visitors Take Selfies In Front Of Ill-Fated Grenfell Tower Site

It's astounding people even need to be reminded that selfies in front of a place of tragic death is not a good idea.

Just a week after the horrific fire at the Grenfell Tower in London, residents and victims have expressed concern over visitors who have been spotted taking selfies at the site.

The deadly inferno that claimed at least 79 lives has left the entire country shaken. However, some visitors completely disregarded the sorrow and grief the victims and took pictures in front of the tower.

As a result, numerous signs have been placed around the building urging visitors to refrain from taking selfies. It remains unclear who placed the signs.


Residents around the area were outraged by the visitors.

"There have been loads [of people]. People taking this as a party, disrespectfully coming to take photos without even so much as leaving flowers or a card," said Natasha Gordon, a London resident whose family and friends lived in the tower.

Wayne Kilo Lewis, another resident who lost several friends in the inferno, said, “It was such a disgrace to see people taking selfies with the tower behind them, thinking it was OK to do that in front of residents and people who lost their loved ones in the fire. It broke my heart to see people all dressed up like it was (the Notting Hill) Carnival and guys trying to get girls' phone numbers.”

“Putting your face in front of a disaster scene adds a different dimension to the incident. Then it's not coping, it's just self-promotion. You're hoping to get attention or comments on your photos,” said Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a psychology professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst.

“It's one thing to honor and respect the drama and suffering that people have gone through, and it's another to cross that line. There's always been a tendency to make yourself part of the action and show you were there,” she added.

The fire is said to be the deadliest blaze to shake the capital since World War II and one of Britain’s biggest ever tower block fires. The shock and sorrow of victims and residents soon turned into fury when it was revealed that the incident could have been avoided.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.






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