Putin Releases Simulation Video Of Nuclear Missiles Aimed At Florida

The Russian president urged the public to help the government in naming the weapons by “sending proposals to the country’s defense ministry website.”

With the Russian presidential elections just around the corner, President Vladmir Putin has introduced a variety of offensive military weapons to Russia’s Federal Assembly capable of surpassing American defenses.

These nuclear weapons were introduced in a two-hour speech through animated videos which showed CGI missiles penetrating the US and hitting specific targets, including the state of Florida. The weapons have not been named and Putin has asked the public to join a contest to select a name for them.

The Russian president wasn’t subtle about the specific targets he was aiming for, particularly Florida’s west coast — an area close to Trump’s "Winter White House" Mar-a-Lago, reported Gizmodo. However Russia has been using the same CGI missiles targeting this specific area for years.

The first weapon Putin introduced was the RS-28 Sarmat, a heavy intercontinental ballistic missile capable of wiping out an area as large as Texas. According to the Russian president the missile has “capabilities for beating missile defense systems, this new system can be used under any conditions.”

Putin led up to this introduction, holding America responsible for the new ICBM. In 2001, the Bush administration backed out of the Moscow-Washington anti-ballistic missile treaty, which restricted both countries’ usage of anti-ballistic shielding. Later, strategic missile defense systems were placed around the Russian border by US and NATO allies.

“U.S. global defense systems are mainly against ballistic missiles,” Putin explained. “And ballistic missiles are the core of our nuclear deterrent...this is why Russia has been developing...extremely effective methods to defeat missile defense and all our ICBMs are equipped with such systems now.”

He also boasted a nuclear-powered cruise missile with “unlimited range and unpredictable trajectory.” These missiles are reportedly similar to Tomahawks used on Syria by the Trump administration with the added strength of traveling vast distances without being intercepted.

The final weapon revealed was the nuclear-powered, unmanned stealth submarine. The president claimed the drone sub is “faster than a torpedo and capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear weapons.”

While revealing these weapons, Putin also made it clear whom these will be used against.

“We’ve repeatedly warned the U.S. and the European NATO members, that we will take steps to neutralize threats that arise from the deployment of their missile defense system,” he said “Everyone ignored us. No one wanted to listen to us. So, listen to us now.”

However, it is important to note that the Russian state TV has a habit of airing fake or doctored videos. Putin urged that “all these things really exist and all these things work very well,” but defense analysts argue that real value of these weapons going into war is still debatable and hard to judge.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Sergei Ilnitsky, Reuters

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