Chinese Visitors Ruthlessly Trash The Happiest Place On Earth

Vlogger Dwayne Disney enjoyed his experience at Disneyland Shanghai but was taken aback by the horrid behavior of Chinese tourists.

Just last month, Shanghai Disneyland opened its doors to tourists, bringing the dreams of thousands of Disney enthusiasts to life.

The theme park, featuring numerous rides, restaurants, shops and other attractions, was instantly flooded by people who had been waiting to visit. Unfortunately, just a month down the lane, a Vlogger has filmed the horrors tourists have brought to the amusement park, with their rude behavior and lack of etiquette.

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A American-Chinese man going by the name of Dwayne Disney on YouTube has visited all of the other theme parks run by Disney, and this year made his way to Shanghai to check out the newly opened park with his friend, Adrian. However, he was rather disappointed and shocked to find people pushing and shoving each other, vandalizing public property, and children even urinating in the area.

“One thing you gotta get used to is getting pushed and shoved around here in Shanghai,” Dwayne said. “There was a family of like 17 that had issues at the gateway and I had to wait there and they all like, I was just up next in line and they kind of came past me and started pushing past me and some other people pretended to be part of that family so they even cut my queue. It was horrible.”

This isn’t the first time Chinese tourists have come under fire for rowdy behavior and damaging public property. Earlier this year, people at the Jingming festival were issued tickets for “uncivilized behavior” since they were seen hanging from branches and picking flowers at Beijing’s national parks.

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Hopefully the happiest place on Earth can start inspiring some better behavior at Shanghai Disney, or it will be tough to keep up the cheery, Disney-fied facade for much longer. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Bobby Yip

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