Voters Describing Clinton And Trump In One Word Aren’t Exactly Kind

In a survey by the Huffington Post, "liar" and "arrogant" came out as the top descriptors of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, respectively.

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It’s well established at this juncture that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two of the most despised candidates to become their parties’ presumptive nominees—both candidates possess record unfavorable ratings that only appear to be growing.

A recent survey by the Huffington Post and YouGov cements this. The poll asked Americans to describe Clinton and Trump in one word, and the results were unkind to say the least.

Clinton’s top descriptor was “liar” followed by “dishonest” and “crooked.” Trump did not fare much better, with a top three of “arrogant,” “racist,” and “a**hole.”

 Clinton’s first positive characterization came in at number six with “experienced,” while Trump’s was at number eight with “honest.”

The variety of negative epithets used to describe both nominees demonstrates the extent to which the public is dissatisfied with the choice between them; Clinton is seen as “untrustworthy,” a “criminal,” and even “evil,” while Trump is largely viewed as a joke, with “idiotic,” “stupid,” and “crazy” all rounding out his top ten.

The Huffington Post specifically notes that “the ratio of negative to positive descriptors, and the kind of visceral dislike they suggest, highlight exactly how disaffected most Americans are with their options.”

The survey also asked Americans to describe the 2016 election in one word—unsurprisingly, “crazy” was the most common way of putting it. A “bad joke” came in second, while “scary” and “a circus” were fourth and fifth.

Americans are clearly massively frustrated with the way this election is shaping up, and it’s hard to blame them. Clinton and Trump have cultivated a historic number of unfavorable characteristics over the years, and these personality traits seem to have stuck.

The aftermath of this election will be objectionable to at least half of the electorate, either way: “Fifty-four percent of Americans surveyed said they’d be either dissatisfied or upset if Clinton won, while 56 percent were similarly negative about the prospect of a Trump victory.”

Calling this a “crazy” election may be understating it. 

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