Arrested Waffle House Suspect Travis Reinking Also Stole BMW Last Week

Travis Reinking was arrested on Monday, six days after he stole a vehicle from a dealership, and just 34 hours after he killed four customers at a Waffle House.

Police investigate near the apartment of Travis Reinking.

The suspect who shot and killed four customers at a Waffle House near Nashville, Tennessee, also led authorities on a high-speed chase before the shooting when he stole a BMW last week.

Travis Reinking stole the vehicle from a dealership in Brentwood, Tennessee, last Tuesday. He was pursued by authorities following his stealing the vehicle, but they lost him in the midst of rush hour traffic.

The vehicle was recovered at his Antioch, Tennessee, apartment after Reinking was identified as the Waffle House shooter. Antioch, a suburb of Nashville, is also home to the Waffle House that Reinking ultimately targeted over the weekend.

Police apprehended Reinking on Monday afternoon, 34 hours after he committed his heinous crime.

Although the motivation behind his shooting hasn’t yet been determined, Reinking is an admitted domestic terrorist.

It’s heartbreaking that this man was not stopped from committing his acts of violence at so many junctures of his life. In addition to not being apprehended last week during his car chase, authorities who came to confiscate his guns last year instead allowed his father to hold onto them — including the very gun Reinking used to carry out the shootings over the weekend.

This crime could have been stopped a year ago. It also could have been prevented last week, had authorities been successful in stopping Reinking when he had stolen a vehicle.

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