Waiter Lied About ‘We Don’t Tip Terrorist’ Note On Customer’s Receipt

"At the moment I didn’t know what to think nor what to say, I was sick to my stomach," waiter Khalil Cavil said in a now-deleted Facebook post detailing the ordeal.




As it turns out, the Texas waiter who claimed a customer left him a note saying “we don’t tip terrorist” had made up the story. A customer hadn’t left him the racist message because of his Middle Eastern name, he had written it himself on the receipt before taking a photo and sharing it on Facebook.

Khalil Cavil, who used to work at Saltgrass Steak House in Texas until recently, came clean during an interview with the Odessa American.

“I did write it,” the 20-year-old said. “I don’t have an explanation. I made a mistake. There is no excuse for what I did.”

The restaurant’s chief operating officer, Terry Turney, also confirmed the server had fabricated the incident.

“After further investigation, we have learned that our employee fabricated the entire story,” Turney told USA Today in a statement. “The customer has been contacted and invited back to our restaurant to dine on us. Racism of any form is intolerable, and we will always act swiftly should it occur in any of our establishments. Falsely accusing someone of racism is equally disturbing.”

After the widespread outrage over Cavil’s lie, the steak house had indefinitely banned the customer whom the server had falsely accused of leaving the note.

However, the ban has now been reversed.

“The customer has been contacted and invited back to our restaurant to dine on us,” Turney added.

Although Cavil has apologized for his actions, it doesn’t take away from the fact that incidents like this make it much harder for actual victims of racism to come forward and share their stories without being questioned for proof. 



A restaurant waiter received a racist and Islamophobic note on his customers’ bill in place of a tip over the weekend.

After Khalil Cavil finished serving a table at Saltgrass Steak House in Odessa, Texas, he discovered the words “We don’t tip terrorist” handwritten at the top of the diners’ receipt, USA Today reports.

Additionally, the customer had circled the server’s name, as if to imply that his Arabic name automatically makes him Muslim or of Middle Eastern descent and therefore a terrorist.

"At the moment I didn’t know what to think nor what to say, I was sick to my stomach," Cavil said in a Facebook post detailing the ordeal. "I share this because I want people to understand that this racism and this hatred still exists."

Terry Turney, COO of Saltgrass Steak House has since confirmed that the customer who left the note has been banned indefinitely.

"We stand by and support our employee," Turney said. "Racism of any form is unacceptable."

Although Khalil means “friend” in Arabic, Cavil actually has no Middle Eastern heritage. He happens to be named after one of his dad’s closest friends, who died in an accident.

"I have decided to let this encourage me, and fuel me to change the world the only way I know how," Cavil said in his post.

His initial Facebook post has gone viral, racking up nearly 4,000 comments and more than 9,000 shares with most people offering support and encouragement to him.

No doubt, karma will come back to bite all of the people who are displaying ignorant, racist, and discriminatory behaviors. This bigoted attitude has no place in America, yet sadly, the country is plagued with it.

Cavil is doing the right thing by further spreading awareness to the hate around us as opposed to silently accepting it. We, as a society, must never become so accustomed to this mistreatment that it no longer outrages us.    

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