Server Opens Fire At A Texas Restaurant After Dispute With Customer

A server at Little Red Barn Steakhouse got in a disagreement this week with a customer at the restaurant and he pulled out a gun and shot the ceiling.

A restaurant in San Antonio, Texas is well-known for their waiters wearing fake guns and holsters with their work attire, but one waiter took it to the extreme when he brought a real gun and used it during his shift.

An unidentified server at Little Red Barn Steakhouse got in an argument with a customer who claims that the employee messed up their lunch order, the New York Daily News reports.

“The customers mentioned that he messed up their order, so when the waiter went to the side to step back, one of the customers got loose and started beating on the waiter,” an unknown witness said to KENS5.

The customer at the restaurant put the waiter in a headlock and once the waiter got free, he pulled out his black gun and shot three bullets at the ceiling.

The witness sent video footage from a cell phone of the incident to KENS5, and it shows customers running for safety after shots were fired.

“There were old ladies on the floor, one in the back actually crying,” the witness said.

No one in the restaurant was injured or shot, and both the waiter and the customer left the steakhouse after the incident, police said to the media.

The Little Red Barn Steakhouse said in a statement that despite the fake guns, “no weapons are allowed on our premises by employees,” and the restaurant mentioned that hostesses wear the fake guns, not the waiters.   

There have been no reported charges and the customer and waiter haven’t been identified.

This inexcusable gun incident is another example of the flawed gun safety laws in the United States and how people continue to abuse their right to carry a weapon. 

Banner Image Credit: Little Red Barn Steakhouse, YouTube

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