Walgreens Employees Accuse Black Man Of Stealing, Call Cops On Him

“The way they looked at me was if I was a criminal. I’ve never stolen anything in my entire life. I just simply want to feel comfortable in my own skin.”


An African-American man in St. Louis, Missouri was reportedly racially profiled at Walgreens store when an employee called the cops on him.

Wesley Dozier has Type 1 diabetes. To control the medical condition he has to use a pump that maintains his blood insulin levels. However, the pump has given him scars and to lighten the marks he decided to look for something that would help him.

In order to search for the product, he went to a Walgreens located at the corner of Hampton and Gravois avenue. He was in the beauty products section when employees reportedly accused him of stealing and called the police.

After arriving at the store, cops searched Dozier. However, they didn’t recover anything from the black man but, despite the fact, he was told to leave the premises.

“I was more than anything shocked. I felt threatened, but I was just simply confused. I felt like I was being treated like I did something wrong. And the way they looked at me was if I was a criminal. I’ve never stolen anything in my entire life. I just simply want to feel comfortable in my own skin,” he said.

Dozier now hopes the company would take appropriate measures so such incidents of racial profiling don’t occur in the future.

“I would like to see some sort of action take place as far as identification of those who steal from their stores,” he said.

Police said they received a call from a store employee who complained that a suspicious man was present in the store and investigators went to the location. Read More: https://www.carbonated.tv/news/white-woman-calls-cops-black-neighbors-refused-to-talk-to-her

In wake of the incident, Walgreens released a statement.

“First and foremost, we firmly believe everyone should be welcome and treated with respect at our stores, and we'll continue working to make sure that happens. Our policies strictly prohibit any form of discrimination or racial profiling, and any such occurrence will not be tolerated. We take this matter very seriously and continue to look into it,” read the statement.

This is just one example of cops being called on people of color. There have been several such incidents in the country lately.

Just recently, a white woman reportedly called the police on an 8-year-old girl for, well selling water without a permit on a sidewalk in San Francisco. Later it was revealed what a big hypocrite, she was as she herself sold cannabis products without having a permit up until last year.

In another incident, a movie theater in Philadelphia called cops on an African-American family after they asked for a refund.

In a similar incident, some residents in the Oakland Hills neighborhood of Oakland, California, called police on a black firefighter, in full uniform, conducting yearly inspections.

12-year-old Reginald Fields also became a victim of racism when neighbors called the police on him and his siblings while they were mowing a customer's lawn in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

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