Jack Dorsey Reportedly Fought His Staff Over Alex Jones Ban

According to the WSJ source, the Twitter CEO's decision to let Jones stay on the platform stunned many employees.


Twitter faced a lot of heat after it refused to ban Infowars’ Alex Jones from its platform and a new report can cause more trouble for CEO Jack Dorsey.

According to The Wall Street Journal, when most media outlets like Apple’s iTunes, Facebook and YouTube decided to ban Jones over hate speech and peddling conspiracy theories, Dorsey overruled his staff against the banning on his platform.

And Dorsey’s support for hate mongers does not end there.

He reportedly did the same for white supremacist Richard Spencer, WSJ sources claimed, who was allowed back on the social media platform after his speech in an alt-right event in Washington resulted in many of the attendees giving out Nazi salutes as Spencer cried “hail Trump.”

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are under immense pressure — and scrutiny — to perform better when it comes to curbing violence, hate speech and harassment, for the simple fact that their wide network could prove influential in peddling lies and negative information regarding many key issues.

While Dorsey has promised to regulate hate speech and not let people take advantage of Twitter’s platform, his stance on Jones raised many questions among critics.

According to the WSJ source, the Twitter CEO decided Jones was to stay on the platform after going against his staff’s advice, leaving many employees stunned.

The situation with Jones felt like Déjà vu; when Spencer was under the threat to lose his Twitter access in 2016, only to be rescued by Dorsey, who allowed the white supremacist to keep a single account on the platform, according to The Journal.

Twitter, however, has denied Dorsey’s involvement in the process of access on the platform.

“Any suggestion that Jack made or overruled any of these decisions is completely and totally false,” Twitter’s chief legal officer, Vijaya Gadde, said in a statement to the Journal. “Our service can only operate fairly if it’s run through consistent application of our rules, rather than the personal views of any executive, including our CEO.”

Dorsey had previously claimed Jones did not violate Twitter’s policies; therefore, he could not be banned on the platform, even though he is the author of some of America’s most outrageous conspiracy theories.

Jones promoted the “Pizzagate” theory, where he claimed the Clintons and other prominent members of the Democratic Party were running a child sex ring from a Washington Pizzeria. He also claimed the Sandy Hook elementary shooting was a hoax, which used child actors and was a staged attempt to get tighter gun laws.

Yet, Dorsey claimed it was the media’s job to contradict Jones’ claims and not enough to ban the Infowars host from Twitter.

Dorsey would be soon be questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee on how misinformation could spread by foreign actors. He will also be asked what Twitter thinks of conservative viewpoint.

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