Walmart Employee Caught Stealing $10,000 In Lottery Tickets

A Walmart employee in Long Island, New York, was caught by the store's loss prevention team printing off and stealing more than $10,000 in lottery tickets.

Your odds of winning the lottery aren’t very high. But the chances of getting caught cheating to win the lottery? That’s a bet you can be certain of.

Long Island, New York, Walmart employee Latricia Hawkins, 46, was caught printing off more than $10,000 worth of lottery tickets without paying for any of them. She printed off the bulk of the New York State lottery tickets she stole between January and March this year.

It wasn’t clear whether she had printed off a winning ticket or not, but Hawkins’ ordeal could serve as a warning to lottery players expecting to win big. According to its website, the New York State Lottery allows players to buy two plays for $1. If Hawkins bought tickets for that particular game, she would have had more than 20,000 chances to win — and still, it seems, did not.

Hawkins was charged with grand larceny upon being caught by the loss prevention department at her store, who contacted the authorities. She was arraigned on charges this past Wednesday.

The lottery can be a fun, harmless way for some people to spend disposable income. In many other cases, it results in problems, for winners and losers alike. For people looking to cheat, however, the outcome is almost always a bad one.

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