Walmart Employee Kicks 10-Year-Old Disabled Boy Off Motorized Cart

The boy has muscular development delay and as a result of the condition, he has to wear special shoes and has to commute in a wheelchair.

A 10-year-old disabled boy went to a Walmart in Florida with his parents where he was reportedly not allowed to use a motorized cart because it is “against their policy.”

The boy, identified only as Cameron, reportedly has muscular development problems, which is why he has trouble walking. Cameron entered the retail store along with his parents and sat on a motorized cart.

Cameron’s mother, Tiffany Ferris, shared the entire incident on Facebook where she explained that, along with a muscular development delay, her son has language delay as well. As a result of the condition, he hadto wear special shoes and commute in a wheelchair.

She added the boy started having leg spasm so she told her son to use a motorized cart. That is when things turned unpleasant.

The parents began shopping and just after a while an employee approached them and told them that they boy had to get off the cart and he wasn’t allowed to use it.

Despite several attempts, the employee refused to listen and didn’t allow the 10-year-old to use the cart. That is when Cameron’s father contacted a floor manager and told him about the boy’s condition. The manager apologized and said such incident would not happen again.

The family thought that the ordeal was over and resumed shopping. However, just when they were about to check out, another employee interrupted them.

A lady called them out and asked Ferris while pointing towards Cameron, “Ma’am, ma’am, excuse me Ma’am, is that your son?”

The mother told the employee that he was her son and he needed to be on the cart because of his disability.

To which the woman replied, “I don’t really care about that, but minors can’t ride our carts its policy because it’s a liability.”

Ferris then decided to leave the retail store immediately and took Cameron out with her. The mother also uploaded the boy’s pictures along with the post that were evident that he was visibly shaken after the inconsiderate incident.

Walmart also released a statement in wake of the incident.

“We have apologized to the family about a misunderstanding over the use of a motorized cart. We always strive to ensure our customers have positive shopping experiences, and in this case we fell short. We take this matter seriously, and the store has since addressed the issue with associates,” read the statement.

People on Facebook sided with both the parties where some said the retail store was right.

“This was not handled very well all the way around. First, did you have his wheelchair in your car. Your child does have one because you have stated this at the first of your story. Second, none of the employees said it was a disability policy but an age policy. Which therefore is a liability policy. You also stated that they stated that the policy doesn't allow minors to use the carts because of liability. Yes, they should not have been loud about it, but as a parent (knowing your child's situation) maybe a little preparedness would also have prevented this embarrassing moment for your child. Nobody will like my comment, but isn't it true,” wrote one user.

Others condemned the behavior.

“That store needs to be held accountable for what happened to this poor child they need to fire them employees,” said a commenter.

Another one said, “So sorry you guys were treated like that. Totally unacceptable.”

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