Man Who Hates Islam And Women Wants To Head MA Planning Board

The offensive post, “if there’s a rag on your head, you want Americans dead,” has landed George Hodges, a Planning Board candidate, in hot water.

A Planning Board candidate, George Hodges, is being asked to recuse himself from the elections after some of his Facebook posts have been deemed as racist, offensive and misogynist.

The planning board election in Walpole, Massachusetts, is to take place on Saturday, June 3 and as fate may have it, Hodges is running against Sarah Khatib, a Muslim woman.

One of Hodges’ posts read “If there’s a rag on your head. You want Americans dead”, the “rag on the head” referring to the headscarf Muslim women wear, making the post and the man himself utterly racist.

Another very offensive and misogynist post read "My theory on a day without woman [sic]. First of all, most woman [sic] won't participate. The ones that do are on or need meds. Or they need a good.......u know what. But they're to bugly to git any [sic]."

Considering the above posts, the Massachusetts chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MA), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, is now urging the Planning Board to stand up to the hateful messages by Hodges’ and demand that he quit the race. The organization has posted about the matter on its Facebook page generating a lot of reaction from Facebook users.

“No one who says such thoughtless, bigoted, and ignorant ideas should be allowed to lead anyone, let alone a town's Planning Board!” wrote one Facebook user on the CAIR post. “How can he be trusted to treat anyone or any group fairly?” another commented.

“How could the public possibly expect an individual in such a position to treat Muslim individuals or business owners fairly and without discrimination?” said Dr. John Robbins, the executive director of CAIR-MA.

It's deeply hurtful and troubling when you have someone who is running for elected office would make such hateful comments towards women and Muslims," he added.

Needless to say, such comments coming from someone who is running for elected office really raises questions about whether they would treat Muslims right.

While Hodges has accepted that his posts were harsh, the shameful man is arguing that he didn’t mean any harm. In a desperate attempt to get himself out of the situation, Hodges has also come up with the terrible excuse that the words were actually lyrics to songs he had penned and were not intended in the context they’re being taken in.

"The verse is, 'you put a rag on your head you make American's dead.' Then it goes on to say, 'but your boots are in the sand, now tore a fighting man. It’s about the struggle with ISIS in Syria, where my heritage is,” he said.

"It was merely me expressing myself through my art which is writing songs,” he further argued.

Hodges has further refused to drop out of the race, but authorities are questioning his ability to perform his duties efficiently if elected. 

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