Woman Jokingly Handcuffs Herself, Then Gets Arrested

A 29-year-old California woman got stuck in a pair of handcuffs and was arrested by police due to an outstanding warrant after she called them for help.

If only all criminals were this easy to catch.

A woman in Sacramento, California was arrested after calling the police for help. 

Cara Greer, 29, was visiting a friend over the weekend.  As they were hanging out, Greer began playing with a pair of handcuffs belonging to her friend who was, in fact, a former security guard. It was too late before she realized she was stuck. 

But the story get’s a little more interesting from there.

KXTV reported that the Sacramento-based woman called the police for help to remove the keyless handcuffs. Upon arriving, the police ran a record check on Greer only to discover that there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest for felony burglary in El Dorado County.

29-year-old Cara Greer called the police on herself after getting stuck in handcuffs

The police took Greer to a local fire station to remove the handcuffs. But, ironically, the police had to handcuff her again with their own pair as they placed her under arrest and took her to Sacramento Country Jail

In all fairness, Greer is not the first criminal to shoot herself in the foot like this. There’s a long tradition of criminals getting themselves busted by the police.  

And we shouldn’t be mocking them either what they’re really doing is simply easing the burden for our hard-working law enforcement officials. 

But if there’s one lesson to be learned, it’s this: If you’re going to play with handcuffs, make sure there’s a key to open them with.

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