DC Police: Two Men Attacked By Assailants Who Yelled Anti-Gay Slurs

One was knocked unconscious; the other sustained a broken nose and a chipped tooth.


Police in Washington, D.C., are investigating a potential hate crime after three suspects reportedly attacked two gay men near the U St. corridor.

A video has been released by the authorities looking for leads on the three assailants.

The police were summoned on reports of an unconscious man in the 2000 block of 10th Street NW. Upon their arrival at the scene, the officers found two adult male victims who said they were assaulted by three men who yelled homophobic slurs at them.

Both of the victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. Their injuries were not fatal, but they suffered a vicious beating. One was knocked unconscious; the other sustained a broken nose and a chipped tooth.

Jamie Sycamore, who is running for D.C. Council in Ward 1, is a close friend of both the victims.

“It’s a shame that people can just be beaten up just for who they are,” he said in an interview with the local CBS news station WUSA. “It’s not good.”


The authorities seem determined to get their hands on the perpetrators.

“The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating this offense as potentially being motivated by hate or bias. Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099 or you can text your tip to 50411,” the department said in a statement.

"I think there's no doubt about it, that a violent crime occurred and we are definitely seeking to apprehend the individuals who committed that violent crime,” added Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Brett Parson.

Parson is also the commander of the special liaison branch, which works in unison with the city’s now highly concerned LGBTQ community.

Capital Pride’s board president, Ashley Smith, also criticized the seemingly unprovoked attack on the two men.

"It's a very sad day when people are having violence against other people,” he said. “We have to learn how to really start to work together and become one community."

It is an alarming situation that even with the numerous shops, restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries and music venues drawing a large number of people to the district, the suspects didn’t hesitate from attacking the two men — and that too apparently because of their sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, hate crimes are rife in D.C., according to the Metropolitan Police Department; 163 hate crimes were reported in the first 11 months of 2017 alone.

Of these, the greatest share — 51 hate crimes in all, or about 31 percent — involved someone being targeted for their sexual orientation.

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