Food Cravings Land Man On Washington’s Most Wanted List

The cops in Washington, D.C. are searching high and low for a man who broke into a fast-food restaurant to fulfill his burger cravings.

The Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police have released surveillance video of a burglar who broke into a Five Guys restaurant to put together some burgers for himself.

The unnamed suspect snuck into the eatery on 14900 Irving Street, NW after following a delivery guy on March 18, between 3 and 5 a.m. He then patiently waited for the delivery man to leave the premises before entering himself. The suspect proceeded to poke around the restaurant, in the kitchen and cabinets, and soon realized that he was rather hungry, upon which he went on to making two cheeseburgers.

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With what seemed to be utter calmness, the burglar chatted on the phone, putting together his burger, and sipping on his fountain drink in the meanwhile. Once his job was done, he stole a bottle of water, probably in case he felt thirsty on the way home, and then left with his freshly cooked food.

The surveillance video from the restaurant has just been released and police ask the public to notify them if they know or come across the suspect.

Check out the Five Guys fan who's now in trouble with the law in the full video above.

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