Trump’s Inauguration Will Meet Head To Head With ‘Million Women March’

The protest is in response to Trump’s hateful attitude toward women and will welcome women and men from all races and religions.

Female voters

Female voters around the country have a huge response planned for President-elect Donald Trump right after his inauguration.

On Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, in Washington D.C., Trump will be sworn in as the country’s 45th president. The very next day, women, who are worried that a Trump presidency will be a huge setback to their causes, plan to march out in what they dub as a “Million Women March.”

The demonstration aims to bring together a million women from around the country. Within hours of the march being announced, tens of thousands already pledged to attend.








Organizers are launching Facebook groups in individual states and at least 16 states have pages pertaining to the march on the social media site.

The protest will be held from noon to 11 p.m. on Jan. 21. Despite its name, the organizers emphasize the march does not just welcome women, but all who support the cause.

“March from Lincoln Memorial to [the] White House to show our strength, power and courage and demonstrate our disapproval of the new president and his values in a peaceful march,” the organizers stated. “ALL women, femme, trans, gender non-conforming and feminist others are invited to march on Washington, D.C. the day following the inauguration of the president-elect. This march is a show of solidarity to demand our safety and health in a time when our country is marginalizing us and making sexual assault an electable and forgivable norm. We align with all POC and LGBTQ causes, and we will show our support in a non-violent protest.”

The New York Facebook group adds, “This is an INCLUSIVE march, and EVERYONE who supports women’s rights are welcome.”

The march comes in response to the president-elect's sexist, misogynist attitude toward women. Angry voters took to the streets nationwide, including in Washington, Florida, New York, California and Oregon, carrying placards featuring some of the derogatory language Trump has used regularly against non-white people and women.

Others have signed a petition in hopes of overthrowing Trump’s government and getting Hillary Clinton elected in his place.

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