Chinese Soccer Team Goes Berserk, Attacks Opponents After Losing

A mass attack is one way to take out your frustration after losing a soccer match, at least for this Chinese soccer team.

It wasn't the best week for Chinese soccer as things got out of hand when Jiangsu Suning F.C. players were attacked by players of another club, Wuhan Hongxing, after a match.

Jiangsu Suning, which features Brazilian stars Ramires and Alex Teixeira, were attacked by players and staff from Wuhan Hongxing after a 1-0 away in the Chinese Cup.

The massive brawl included numerous punches, kicks and bizarre scenes of players fleeing the field. Some of the players were left battered and bruised as punches and kicks were thrown and even a cameraman was beaten up as some ended up bloodied and bruised.

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The crowd didn't help matters by getting involved too and launching bottles at the players.

One of the biggest news agencies in China wrote that “a soccer game is like a war, but violence is not acceptable, no matter on or off the field, in any form.” The news paper called the chaos “disgusting and chilling.”

Several other Chinese newspapers also ran news of the fracas on their front page, with headlines such as “The Ugliest Day” and “Soccer’s Shame.”

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