Watch Muslims Intervene and Shut Down Hateful Islamic Extremists

A clip from a documentary "The Jihadis Next Door" shows everyday Muslims being the first to shut down radical Islamic preachers in London.

Muslims challenge extremist preachers

These radical Islamist preachers took their extremist message to the streets of London and got shut down again and again by ordinary Muslims.

Posted by Channel 4 News on Tuesday, January 19, 2016


A new Channel 4 documentary, “The Jihadis Next Door,” tracks filmmaker Jaime Roberts for over two years as he follows a small group of radical extremists. According to The Guardian, “with Isis on the rise, and the terror alert level at severe, [Roberts] thinks it’s important to at least try to understand the motives of people like these; to find out if they are simply non-violent extremists, as they say, or a real threat to the way we live.”

The documentary is an important, courageous piece of filmmaking, and this small clip from it that Channel 4 shared demonstrates the nuanced view of Muslims it affords.

It shows radical Islamist preachers on the street, shouting about the demise of democracy and the war against Muslims. (The extremists Roberts films claim they are not affiliated with ISIS, although they sympathize.)

Yet the clip also divulges that, “Across London, ordinary Muslims were often the first to speak up against [the extremists].” We see a Muslim man emphatically state that their actions are a “front for recruiting people for ISIS who are terrorists who are killing people,” and many Mosque elders and attendees get into physical brawls with the extremists due to their hateful message.

With widespread misconceptions about the entirety of Muslims propagated through false, misleading polls and fear-mongering rhetoric, documentaries such as this give a more accurate glimpse into the situation.

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