Watch This Malaysian Diver’s Epic Belly Flop At The Olympics

A Malaysian diver competing in the Rio Olympics landed in last place after his complicated dive turned into a belly flop in the men’s preliminary round.

One Olympic diver’s legendary belly flop during the Rio Olympics proves that Olympic athletes are just like the rest of us.

Ahmad Amsyar Azman, a Malaysian diver, started the men’s three-meter springboard preliminary round dive on Monday with multiple, beautifully complicated turns and landed in a disastrous belly flop, Yahoo reports.

Although Azman showcased impressive turns during his dive, his jump off of the right side of the diving board may have been the cause to his failed perfect landing.

The diver scored a 9.75 for his dive, which put him in last place and it plummeted his overall score in the competition and eliminated him from continuing on to the next round.

Surprisingly, Azman’s score wasn’t the worst one recorded in the diving competition of the Olympics this year.

Nadezhda Bazhina, a Russian diver, scored a 0.0 for her dive that ended in a back flop.

Even though this diver’s belly flop wasn’t the landing he wanted, it makes for a memorable moment we can all look back on while watching the Rio Olympics. 

Banner Image Credit: Trending Game News, Twitter

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