Watch What Happens When Trump Supporters Spend A Day With A Muslim

Filmmaker and blogger Rolla Selbak took two Trump supporters to "Little Arabia" in Anaheim in an effort to learn how they truly feel about Muslim-Americans.

Huffington Post blogger Rolla Selbak set out on an ambitious journey to bring Muslims and Donald Trump supporters together.

Selbak wrote on her blog that by conducting this experiment, her goal was to answer the question of whether she should actually be worried about the dynamic between Americans and Muslims or if mainstream media was simply overplaying the separatist rhetoric Trump has been spewing along the campaign trail.

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Trump’s attitude toward Muslims and Mexican immigrants can best be described as sheer racism.

He has called Mexicans “rapists and killers” on more than one occasion, which has become a justification for building the “impenetrable” wall he wants to erect at the U.S./Mexico border.

He has also made outrageous claims that “Islam hates” America and he proposed banning Muslims and refugees from entering the United States altogether.

“With all of the hateful rhetoric coming out of the Donald Trump camp this election season against Muslims, Arabs, and immigrants, I couldn’t believe that half of the voters in this country seemed to be supportive of him as a presidential candidate,” Selbak wrote.

The astonishing negative effect Trump seems to have had on the country is why she set out to find answers directly from his loyal supporters in an effort to learn their true feelings toward Muslims.

In the approximately 9-minute video, Salbek — who is Muslim — takes two adult, Caucasian male Trump supporters to a district in Anaheim, California called “Little Arabia.”

Selbak took them to have lunch at a Muslim-owned restaurant during which they sat down with the owner and a Muslim community activist to discuss Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Surprisingly, both of the supporters admitted that they don’t think Trump is serious about the bigoted things he says. They both essentially said he’s “all talk”, putting on a show for votes, and would likely calm down a great deal if he got into the White House.

The discussion between the four men actually played out peacefully and respectfully without an argument or physical violence erupting — clearly a completely different climate from what we’ve seen of aggressive Trump supporters during his rallies.

Salbek then brought one of the Trump supporters, Daniel, to the home of her friend Murad Amayreh to see how a Muslim-American family lives. The exchange was, once again, peaceful and constructive ending with the two men saying a prayer together.

Despite the fact that Daniel kept pronouncing Muslim as “Moos-lim,” he admitted that meeting and engaging with Muslim-Americans opened his mind to a more inclusive perspective.

While the two men who participated in Salbek’s experiment cannot represent all or even a significant portion of Trump supporters, it is refreshing to see that not all of them carry the white supremacist, separatist attitude that Trump’s campaign has promoted and thrived from. 

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