Weather Channel Storms At Breitbart Over Climate Change Video

Breitbart News published an inaccurate article calling climate change a hoax, and the Weather Channel slammed the news outlet for making false claims.

In an article titled “Global Temperatures Plunge. Icy Silence from Climate Alarmists,” which was published around a week ago, Breitbart took a jab at climate change activists by claiming that the phenomenon is just a hoax.

“You’d almost imagine that when temperatures shoot up it’s catastrophic climate change which requires dramatic headlines across the mainstream media and demands for urgent action. But that when they fall even more precipitously it’s just a case of ‘nothing to see here,’” the piece stated.

To make things appear even more legit, the news website even used a video from the Weather Channel featuring atmospheric scientist, Kait Parker.

But The Weather Channel that was not having any of that, and decided to teach Breitbart a little more about the realities of climate change. Parker released a video calling out the alt-right news outlet for “cherry-picking and twisting facts.”

"Here's the thing, science doesn't care about your opinion. Cherry-picking and twisting the facts will not change the future nor the fact — note: fact, not opinion — that the Earth is warming. To all my scientists out there: Let's make the facts louder than the opinions,” Parker said in the clip.

The weather enthusiast broke down and clarified each of Breitbart’s claims and even called out the House of Representatives’ Science Committee for retweeting the news in a “Note to Breitbart.”


Bernie Sanders even stepped up to mock the committee for its ignorance towards climate change.


However, Breitbart doesn’t seem to be the least bit affected.


Climate change is very real, and according to the NASA website, sea levels and global temperatures have been rising, oceans have been warming, ice sheets have been sinking and the Arctic sea has been declining. But apparently, all the evidence in the world is not enough to convince the thick-skulled far-right of this very real danger.

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