Restaurant Has A Special Reward For Customers With Polite Children

A restaurant in Italy is offering a 5 percent discount to families of children who eat their meal quietly without disturbing other diners.

In the Italian city of Padua, there is a restaurant that really prizes etiquette and good behavior.

The owner of the wine bar came up with this financial incentive in an attempt to curb the rowdy behavior of kids at the café disturbing other diners. A 5 percent discount is offered on the final bill to the families if their children eat their meal quietly without causing any havoc.

Antonio Ferrari came up with the idea after he experienced a party of 11 at one of the tables, including five children, sitting with composure.

That struck a chord in him.

“When you get parents who are rude, the kids think they can do anything. They might climb on the tables with their shoes on, play in the bathroom and make a mess with the taps, or annoy the other customers,” said a disgruntled Ferrari.

The ambassador of good will thought that parents would make an extra effort to make their children civil in order to benefit from the discount.  In an attempt to motivate others, he also posted a picture of the bill with a special "sconto bimbi educati" discount on social media.


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Ferrari explained that around 30 percent of the parents do not calm their noisy children during lunchtime. Kids often run around the place, bothering both diners and waiters.

However, the 40-year-old also faced criticism for the discount. 

Some people told him that their kids could do anything they wanted to do in a public spot — perfectly highlighting Ferrari's point that parents can't or won't get their children under control. Ferrari noted the restaurant is his domain.

“I’m responsible for what happens in it,” he said.

The first family to earn the popular discount was so delighted they decided to leave a tip of $31 at the restaurant.

When inquired if this was a public stunt, Ferrari said, “No, honestly, it was instinctive. It was just lovely to watch how they were interacting at the table, with such composure.”

The owner hasn't decided if he should implement this strategy permanently.

But for whatever its worth in the financial strategy of the business, schooling children in polite mealtime manners and acceptable behavior in public is definitely worth admiration.  

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