Man Kidnaps Latino Neighbors, Makes Them Work Like Slaves

Wellington Waggener allegedly kidnapped a small family and made them do his chores so “they knew what it was like to be slaves.”

A resident of Centralia, Washington, is being accused of abducting a neighborhood family and forcing them to work in his yard in order to give them a taste of what "slavery" felt like.

The family was reportedly Latino. 

Wellington Waggener kidnaped three siblings and their mother in the early hours of the day. The first child he spotted was a 12-year-old boy standing outside his house right before leaving for school.

The 29-year-old called the child to him. When the unidentified boy approached him, Waggener dragged him by the coat to his house, according to the police. Following this violent behavior, the man brought the boy to his yard, hit him in his face and made him do his chores.

The boy’s siblings, a 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy, along with their mother, went looking for the missing family member before finding him working in the neighboring yard.

“Basically, he had the kid start cleaning up his yard for him,” said. Commander Pat Fitzgerald of the Centralia Police Department.

The siblings and their mother tried explaining to Waggener the boy needed to go to his school for a test, but the man insisted he needed the boy's help. Later, instead of liberating the boy, he forced both of his siblings and mother to work as well.

According to the eldest child, the man said he wanted them to work so “they knew what it was like to be slaves.”

The family was allegedly made to pile firewood and pick garbage. Waggener even made them recite the pledge of allegiance.

“They were trying to appease him long enough to get an opportunity to get away,” Fitzgerald said.

The three children and their mother were detained at the house for over an hour. They were only able to escape after Waggener stepped out for a short while.

That's when the family called the police.

Waggener, described as "huge and intimidating" by the family, is now under arrest and is being held without bail at Lewis County Jail.

It is yet unclear if he would be charged with hate crime.

This is not the first time Waggener has done something like this as he has a history of exhibiting violent tendencies.

In July 2015, he was arrested on suspicion of burglary with sexual motivation after he was accused of entering a woman’s house in Centralia, Washington.

Fast forward one year, he was arrested on suspicion of kicking out the window of a police car after being detained as part of assault investigation.

In October 2016, while in jail, he was charged with second-degree malicious mischief after he reportedly damaged a fire sprinkler and flooded his cell.

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