Thousands Of Wendy’s Cashiers To Lose Their Jobs To Kiosks

It’s not exactly love for future technology that’s prompting Wendy’s to replace thousands of workers with machines.

It looks like more restaurants are opting to go for technology rather than protecting their workers.

The latest in the series is Wendy’s.

The fast-food chain is reportedly planning to replace thousands of cashiers, their lowest-paid workers, with kiosks by the end of the year across the country. Wendy’s President Todd Penego cited rising labor costs as one of the main reasons behind the decision.

“We’ll continue to invest in technology, with things in the front of the house, consumer facing, like customer self-order kiosks, mobile-order, mobile-pay,” he stated.

Understandably, not everyone is OK with the idea of so many workers losing their jobs to automated systems.

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Since the move comes less than a month after New York and California announced a raise of their minimum wages to $15, a lot of people see the replacement of employees with kiosks as a way to evade paying more to their workers.






However, Wendy’s isn’t first fast-food chain to replace workers with robots.

McDonald's and Panera bread are also testing kiosks across the United States.

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